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Our passion at Dynamic Web Shop is designing highly attractive, performing websites that draw visitors and entice them to stay. We design sites that meet your needs and help you to accomplish your goals. We make sure that our sites display well on any media and take advantage of the preferential treatment by Google.

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Mobile Friendly Sites

Our sites at Dynamic Web Shop are responsive, which means that they reformat themselves to fit whichever screen size on which they are being displayed. That makes it a much more enjoyable experience for your customers/clients.

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shopping-cartWe specialize in building shopping carts that are easy to use and maintain. Adding a product is no harder than adding a post to your blog. These will allow selling of physical items, digital downloadable products or simply services. It creates an interactive site that entices your customers to become involved and return.

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Web Hosting

We offer FREE website hosting with any of our support plans. Take advantage of this great service today. Service plans include backups, site maintenance and updates, security checks, and many more. We also offer affordable web hosting for those not using one of our support plans.

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Website Makeover

website development project

Is your site tired? Does it reflect an era gone by? We can help you bring your site up to modern standards, including making it responsive so that it will display as well on a home computer as it will on a mobile phone or tablet. Google is now giving preference and higher rankings to sites that are mobile friendly.

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What Our Customers are Saying

“I hired a gentleman claiming the world of designing websites. I was sucker in and was left with a horrible definition of a website. The icons didn’t work, wrong phone numbers and on and on. So after having that bad experience I was cautious in who to get for my website. After talking to Mike a couples times I felt confident that he was the right man for the job!!! I could not be happier …. when my new website launch I had so many compliments coming in. On top of the website looking amazing, Mike was always incredibly patient with my crazy schedule and my demands. I regret not going to Dynamic Web Shop in the first place but so glad that I found him. Customer for life.”


Unique Detailing of Las Vegas

“Mike, I wanted to send you a quick email to thank you for getting my website up and running and ultimately my business off the ground. I am now beginning to see orders being placed on my website using the shopping cart and credit card options that you setup. Initially my vision was only to have a small home base business, but based on the results of my website I hope to make it a fulltime job within the next 12-18 months. You did a masterful job and for this I am eternally thankful. Good luck and best wishes Mike.”


Utow Boat and Jet Ski Rentals

“I could not be happier with my new WordPress website! Thank you so much for taking my vision and making it happen! Everyone who visits the site gives me nothing but compliments, and it matches the rest of my business materials perfectly!  Thanks so much for offering advice while still making sure the final product is what I want, I will be sure to recommend dynamicwebshop.com to anyone who asks!  Let’s Make A Dealer. Good Job!”


Let’s Make A Dealer Casino Dealing School

“I couldn’t be more happier with my website. Working with Dynamic Web Shop, Mike was very polite and professional, and made things easy to understand. I also appreciate his fast responses to all of my emails and requests. This company gave excellent service for a really affordable price. Thanks Mike!”


Submissive Desires

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One thing that can cost your business success is a poorly designed website, or even worse, not having a website at all. Take action now and make your business image shine with a professionally designed website. You will be pleased with the result.